Actions contains an Action type to provide a mechanism to define actions that can be take on entities. In the context of, the actions are quite generic. For example, the Action type includes properties like startTime and endTime to describe the time span an action occurred or the location property to describe where the action took place. We restrict and extend the properties defined for the Action type and consequently its subtypes in order to make them more specific to a Web API annotation task. The table below shows the properties of Action type that are relevant for the WASA language.

actionStatusActionStatusTypeIndicates the current disposition of the Action.
objectThingThe object upon which the action is carried out, whose state is kept intact or changed. Also known as the semantic roles patient, affected or undergoer (which change their state) or theme (which doesn’t). e.g. John read a book.
resultThingThe result produced in the action. e.g. John wrote a book.
targetEntryPointIndicates a target EntryPoint for an Action.
errorThingAn error specification.